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2009-08-24 21:59:30 by Schreamer

Im depressed, because my girlfriend cheated on me.
poem time.

in my horrible hell,
i wish for someone to make it well.
someone whos more,
not just a whore.
life sucks,
everybody knows it.
even friends,
especiallly when they blow it.

well, that totally just made me less mad. im more sad.



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2009-08-24 22:13:28

Well... I'm gonna go cut somebody now. It's like cutting yourself, but you don't need to buy gauze.


2009-08-25 00:46:57

yo if you want to write some shit to vent, its much easier to not give a fuck about rhyming and structure and just write it. They come out saying what yo want better that way and and plus theyre usually better that way.